Spot Light: Social Skins Tattoo

Hammack Designs most recent completed project is the tattoo parlour: Social Skins Tattoo.

ASocial Skins provides clean, super aesthetic, exquisitely composed tattoos that enhance the body as a natural extension.

They are a full custom tattoo shop that will listen sincerely to your idea and apply their expertise to your foundation, whether it is a photo, a drawing or just an abstract idea, to create an image that is the best possible tattoo for you.

They are located at 605 Broadway E, in Seattle, WA 98102.

The Project was competed in January, 2011. It was completed via Wordpress CMS.

Social Skins Tattoo Home Page Image

Spot Light: Maria in the Kitchen

Hammack Designs most recent completed project is for the short film: Maria in the Kitchen.

After Bob retires early and rich, he wakes up one morning to find a stranger in his kitchen: Maria.

Just as Maria introduces Bob to a brave new world, his buddies show up and Bob is forced to choose between them and Maria.

It was shot, directed, produced, filmed, and edited in Seattle, WA.

The Project was competed in October, 2010

Maria in the Kitchen Home Page

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